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HRV's and ERV's

All homes need ventilation. The goal of a ventilation system is to bring fresh air from the outside into your home. A balanced ventilation system exchanges the home’s stale air with fresh outside air, while recovering as much of the heating or cooling energy as possible. It is designed to provide enough fresh air to keep occupants healthy, remove odors, reduce moisture, remove indoor pollutants and lower the relative indoor humidity.

Do you need an ERV? An ERV’s fans pull fresh air into a home while simultaneously exhausting stale air from the home. An ERV system transfers heat and moisture during this exchange of air. Ventilating your home by opening windows and doors may not be feasible, due to weather conditions, secruity concerns or noise levels. Installing an ERV brings fresh air into your entire home, providing safer, cleaner, fresher air. Contact your local contractor to determine which is right for your home.

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