UV Air Purifiers Reduce harmful airborne microorganisms using ultraviolet light

Model MS24OZ - Microbeswatter SweetShot

2-3 Times MORE Germicidal Output Intensity Than Other Brands!
The MicrobeSwatter® utilizes the contaminant fighting technology of ultraviolet light to dramatically reduce harmful airborne microorganisms circulating through a heating and air conditioning system. The MicrobeSwatter® is 2 to 3 times more powerful than many commonly used ultraviolet light products. This enhanced power provides far greater bio-contaminant destruction and results in significantly improved indoor air quality.
Featuring Magnetic Strength Mounting for Secure-Convenient Lamp Placement
The MicrobeSwatter® MS24OZ features a patent pending magnetic mounting plate.
Cut a hole to insert the lamp and you’re done — no screws needed. Powerful magnet securely holds the mounting plate in place. The innovative design makes installation and lamp replacement a snap! You don’t have to unscrew or unfasten the unit to replace the lamps — simply pull out the lamp and put in a new one!

  • 36watt 16" UVC-H-Lamp with 4 inch fused single tube broad spectrum quartz Sweet Shot
  • 24V Air Purifier
  • Max 2000 CFM or 4000 SQ ft
  • 9,000 hours lamp life efficiency

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