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Air Purification & Filtration

Clean air is essential for good health, especially the air inside your home


Poor indoor air quality can be caused by outside pollutants, mold, dust mites, and improper venting. These ​irritants can cause fatigue, headaches, asthma, allergies, and more.


Air Purification is when the air is cleaned and sanitized, This can be accomplished using Ultra Violet light, as the air flows through your furnace it passes by the UV light installed in the ductwork.

Air Filtration is when you trap the pollutants using H.E.P.A. filters, either on your furnace or with a separate room unit.

Air-Quest can provide an assessment of our home or office and recommend the best air purification products on the market to help clean the air in your home.

For the best in air purification and filtration call Air-Quest 905-510-5006

hepa filtration units
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uv Air purifiers
hrv - heat recovery ventilation
Hepa Filtration

HEPA Filtration Units 

The Amaircare model 3000 portable air filtration systems can effectively clean the air in your living room or office.


The Amaircare 3000 is a high-quality HEPA air purification unit includes:

  • Carbon prefilter, HEPA filter, and carbon inner filter.

  • Six durable castors, makes it easy to move anywhere.

  • 3-speed electronic keypad control adjust airflow.

  • Electronic filter monitor reminds you when it’s time to change the filters.

  • Made in Canada & covered by a 5 year warranty.

  • HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrester) filters filter out 99.97 of particles in the air.

The Amaircare 3000 has three-stage filtration system:

Stage 1: prefilter

Removes dust and odours

Stage 2: HEPA filter

99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns. Removes dust, pollen, bacteria, dander, viruses, cigarette smoke, radon progeny.

Stage 3: V.O.C. filter

Removes gas molecules, including V.O.C.’s that become airborne when using cleaners, paints and some carpets and furniture.


UV Air Purifiers 

UV Purification systems cleans and sanitizes the air in your home or building from many toxins such as fungus, bacteria, dust mites, viruses and various gases. As the air flows through your furnace it passes through the ultra-violet lights which sanitizes the toxins as they pass.

UV Air Purifiers

Call Air-Quest for more information 905-510-5006


Humidifiers are an important part of your HVAC system. Adding a humidifier provides the necessary moisture to your home during the winter months. Humidification helps prevent dry skin and sinus irritation and static shocks.


Humidifiers should be sized to provide 30 to 40 % relative humidity to prevent splitting and drying out of furniture and floorboards. By adding a humidifier, you are able to turn down your thermostat temperature setting without feeling colder.


Call Air-Quest to find out more about adding a humidifier to your home. 905-510-5006

We also provide Humidifier Replacement Filters


HRV’s (Heat Recovery Ventilation)

Clean fresh indoor air

All homes need ventilation. The goal of a ventilation system is to bring fresh air from the outside into your home.


A balanced ventilation system exchanges the homes’ stale air with fresh outside air, while recovering as much of the heating or cooling energy as possible. Designed to provide enough fresh air to keep occupants healthy, remove odours, reduce moisture, remove indoor pollutants and lower the relative indoor humidity.

Contact Air-Quest to find out if an HRV is what you need.


Calling Air-Quest, you will know you are calling a professional who can get the job done right, the first time. Call today 905-510-5006.

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