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With over 20 years of commercial HVAC experience, you can rely on
Air-Quest for all your commercial installation, maintenance, and repair needs.

At Air-Quest we know the ins and outs of the different systems that are out there and can help guide you with the equipment that is right for your building or improve upon your existing HVAC system.

Repair & Maintenance services 
boilers & rooftop units 
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Repair and Maintenance Services 

Whether it’s a repair you need or a new unit, you can count on Air-Quest to have you up and running in no time. Air-Quest offers emergency services and regular routine maintenance packages for your HVAC equipment. We are TSSA approved.

Building Care Maintenance Program
Take the worry out of your building operations with Air-Quest’s Building Care Maintenance Program.

Air-Quest’s Building Care Maintenance Program takes the worry out of system breakdowns during peak operating periods. Regular filter and belt changes and equipment inspections keep your facility up and running, worry free.


We check all the mechanical equipment involved in your environmental control systems to ensure consistent top performance. Along with regular filter inspections.

Boilers and Rooftop units

Building Care Maintenance Program includes:


  • Scheduled site visits

  • Filter replacements

  • Belt adjustment / replacements

  • Equipment inventory logbook

  • Temperature checks

  • Furnace /rooftop safety inspections and efficiency tests

  • Heat X-changer inspection & cleaning

  • Air Conditioner coil cleaning, pressure checks

  • Over-all system performance assessment & recommendations

Boiler Maintenance Program:


  • Scheduled site visits

  • TSSA approved for yearly Boiler inspection

  • Equipment inventory logbook

  • Inspect the venting

  • Check pumps and lubrication.

  • Heat X-changer inspection & cleaning

  • Carbon Monoxide test

  • Safety Control test

  • Efficiency test

  • Over-all system performance assessment and recommendations


Boilers and Rooftop Units

Air-Quest services all types of rooftop units. From filter and belt changes to heat Xchanger inspections. We also check combustion efficiency and cleaning of coils for peak operation. We offer replacement units if required and can take care of all aspects of the installation, including cranes and permits.

Whether it’s a repair or a new unit, you can count on Air-Quest to have you up and running in no time.


To save on emergency calls and keep your unit running smoothly, call Air-Quest and ask about our yearly maintenance packages. 

Call Air-Quest today! 905-510-5006

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