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garage heaters

Who doesn’t love a warm garage or workshop in the winter?


Whether it’s to keep that classic car at a set temperature all winter or to keep your garage workshop warm, Air-Quest offers the following garage heater solutions:


The Reznor V3 Series UDAP are high-efficiency heaters and are excellent for space heating applications such as garage heating. These gas-fired unit heaters are power vented in order to eliminate heat losses up the flue pipe. UDAP heaters are designed for 82-83% thermal efficiency.


The UDAP heater is great for workshops, retail shops, showrooms, and any large area to be heated.

  • Sizes 30-400 certified for commercial/industrial heating application

  • Sizes 30-125 carry additional approval for residential garage heating or workshop heating applications

  • 82-83% thermal efficient, 50-60°F rise range

  • TCORE2® titanium stabilized aluminized steel heat exchanger

Providing radiant heat to exactly where it is needed.



The CompactSchwank Radiant Tube Heaters are ideal for heating your garage or workshop, they also work well in light commercial and industrial applications such as aircraft hangers and parking structures.

Schwank’s radiant tube heaters are the most efficient on the market and are a great fit for garage heaters. It can deliver cost savings between 35% and 50% when compared to conventional forced-air-heaters.


Cozy Heat

Cozy Heat Direct-Vent Wall Furnace offers a great alternative for those hard to heat places, where there is no existing venting. The unit mounts on an outside wall and occupies minimal room space. The combustion chamber draws air from the outside and exhausts through a concentric vent system, which keeps the interior air warm and fresh.

Comes with a thermostat and a 10-year warranty on chamber and burner.

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